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The Jump Law Group is a law firm that handles cases for debtors and creditors. We have 20 years of experience representing both small business creditors and debtors in bankruptcy court. From consumer Chapter 7 Bankruptcy to Chapter 11 business reorganization cases to Chapter 13 Wage Earner bankruptcy cases to small business collections, FDCPA and FCRA cases, we help people deal with their financial issues.

We are located in the middle of the Washington desert (aka the Columbia Basin) in Tri-Cities, WA.

Unfortunately, we are not taking new cases at this time.

We do still offer our free education seminars to schools, colleges, community organizations, and any other entity that wants to learn about financial money management. Please feel free to contact us for further information.
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You don't write motions with a typewriter.
You don't file documents manually with the Court. .

Why are you still stuffing your own envelopes?
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